Darlings - I am all over the place! .
With the Republicans ruining everything faster than anyone ever imagined possible, I've been working every chance I get with my group Senior Socialists for Peace to restore rational thinking as the proper course for human affairs.
But alas, with so many of Rev. Robertson's minions running the government, that seems like some grand fantasy from the past.
Needless to say, I've been been partying anyway because you know I love a balance. So browse on down and let me catch you up on some of the goings-on about town. Love,
Betty Jack Devine

Bettyjack.com is happy to be broadcasting worldwide 24/7 on The Funtone USA Television Network. My Quicktime video presentations are free to view following my informative report. Please stay tuned and keep on scrolling! Betty Jack

DJ Tennessee and Gigi Valdez added sparkle to the summer with their visits to the ATL. At the left, Tennessee gives the rock and roll salute as Gigi makes out with Janet Smith. Below, Integra and Queen Mookie quietly feel-up Tennessee at ARGE's going away party at The Fountainhead

Janet, I wish you and Suepie could have kept Gigi here and Tennessee too; but Gigi's returned to Spain and Tennessee to New York and soon to London. No wonder though - it's just nicer in the other countries these days.

Speaking of ARGE - he's certainly getting into the swing of things in Venice Florida where he is enjoying a much deserved extended vacation. ARGE is absolutely scrumptious in that moo moo and looks good enough to eat!

But ARGE is about more that just relaxing . He's networking and looking smart too. There he is being fitted by Mr. Melon in a modern sport coat and as you can see below, he's an influential fixture at the weekly Smokeless Bingo Game.

ARGE came for a visit to Periwinkle recently and while here he took Chi Chi, the little dog Gigi had given me, and took it around the yard and took pictures of it in different situations. Isn't this picture just adorable.

I'm sure you haven't missed the lurid discussion about ATL's Ludacris by that right-wing nut Bill O'Reily on the Fox New Channel, and his viscious threat to start dirinking Coca Cola. Mr. O'Reily, you and Pepsi Cola belong together and that's the pitiful truth.

That's a picture of me delivering a lecture on the involvement of Coca Cola in the peaceful liberation of South Africa. Peace to you Dr. Mandela and Bishop Tutu

I know you're eager to see the new videos that I'm showing right now. But before you do, let me show you my brand new penthouse in Daytona Beach. You probably haven't heard, but Dixie's favorite aunt, Big Dixie, passed away last spring and left Dixie this motel in Daytona Beach that we all love anyway. Dixie has insisted that I take the Penthouse and I couldn't resist. You can see it hovering over Dixie's Winnebago and it revolves too! As soon as it's redecorated, you must come visit there.
Dixie and her family are so enjoying Daytona Beach. Here they are shopping at Publix. But you say that's not the Publix in Daytona. You're so observant. Yes, Dixie drives clear across the peninsula to Bradenton once a month to shop at the Publix there because it carries some items she "just can't find anywhere else and at the lowest prices too." She is such a smart shopper and she teaches her children well.
Here they are: THE VIDEOS
For the new ones, I've selected a theme. It's my favorite drag queen celebities. I know you'll enjoy seeing each and every one.
    Betty Jack's Signature Report Interview with Dorian Corey. Dorian is the star of Paris Is Burning and in this segment, she teaches me the dance they invented - the "Vogue"
    Betty Jack's Signature Report Interview with RuPaul. The world's most famous drag diva shares her world of glamor in one of her most fabulous interviews to date.
    Betty Jack's Salute to Angie Bowie. Angie along with her husband David Bowie introduced a new dimension to drag in the 1970's with such an impact that it continues on today . In this video I get to personally thank her.
      THE BETTY JACK SONG performed by me on The American Music Show
      MY HIGH SOCIETY REPORT - it's the inside story of a very famous high society wedding in Atlanta
      DIXIE RICHARDSON'S MODELLING VIDEO - Dixie has begged me to show this here as she's always looking for new work (more about that next)

I almost forgot to tell you. I went to Cher's concert at the Philips Arena in August. It was the most elegant of entertainments, and Cher exuded the warmest joy and enjoyed being there as much as everyone who attended. My only criticism is that there weren't enough songs from Cher's latest CD that we love so much; and Cher, if you're reading this I do have one suggestion. The choreography for The Shoop Shoop Song could use a bit of tweeking, and, if you'll look at this video of Brittany Fairchild, Dixie and me doing that number, you are sure to find some moves you can use.
    Click here to watch Brittany Fairchild and her pals doing The Shoop Shoop song.
Arge has put some videos on the Internet too. He is such a copycat. His are risque. There are pictures on penises there. He is such a randy lad and super cute.

Click here for ARGE's Polaroid's on Video

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