Spring Flings

Betty Jack DeVine and Dixie Richardson
original portrait in paper by ARGE

Isn't it wonderful when the weather gets warm and the flowers start blooming with their amazing colors and brightening the environment encouraging everyone to get out and start socializing again.

Then we all get together and start exchanging the important news and information we've been keeping to ourselves all winter. I know I do. So I've put together a lovely arrangement of newsworthy tidbits for your illumination and if you have any bouquets to add, please let me know. My e-mail is bettyjack@bettyjack.com.

As always, please feel free to visit all over at my Virtual Estate. There so much here anymore I don't know where to tell you to begin. But if you're like a lot of people I know, you wouldn't pay any attention anyway so poke around wherever you please. You don't have to be careful either because there's absolutely nothing you can break.

Have a grand time whatever you do!

Betty Jack

Because You're A . . .

It's inevitable down the road ahead, No matter how much plastic surgery one might have - and I'll say for example Joan Rivers. Do you think she looked better at the Academy Awards or in that natural chicken commercial she's done. I'm too polite to answer. So I repeat: no matter how much plastic surgery one might have, everyone ends up a Hag.

Then what will you wear? I'm going to guess Hagwear TM - because you're a hag. That's making the best of it; and, if you'll observe ARGE in his slimming and softening outfit at the right, you will notice that HagwearTM shields away those troublesome midriff flabs, bulges and flaps. Those unsightly legs can seem attractive with long pants or a long skirt covering them up.

HagwearTM is basically a long tunic with a headhole and long sleeves that extends down to the floor if worn alone or extends to shield the derriere if worn as a top. My new fashion line Betty Jack DeVine's Signature Collection Hagwear TM will be what you're looking for.

Stay tuned to my dotcom for all the details.

Back Together Again

Not since "Wigstock - the Movie" have RuPaul, Lahoma and Lady Bunny appeared together in a major motion picture. But it has happened again thanks to the ingenious RuPaul who is herself producing a movie starring that same fabulous trio. "Star Booty Reloaded" is the title, and it's another exciting adventure of the supermodel/secret agent RuPaul created in Atlanta way back in the 1980s. I'm sure you've heard all about it already; but from my recent tete-a-tetes with 2 of the principals, I'll fill you in on what I've learned.

Bunny - who coyly describes herself as a spice like cumin that only needs a pinch to zest up the brew - is in one scene only, and I imagine it will be among the most memorable. The film is about prostitution, and she's such a pro at that. RuPaul hired for the cinematography the exquisite cinematographer of his most recent music video, The movie is all being done digitally.

RuPaul laughs while he boasts that he is pulling out every cheap trick in the book for the movie as it's 'pure dragsploitation" with absolutely everything: fake penises, erections, boobs for miles and sex toys to the extreme. That shows RuPaul's wisdom because he will be criticized anyway for this effort so why not go all out.

The release date is uncertain because the soundtrack had not finalized. The hot news about that is Larry Tee could be lending his talents to the task. My feet won't stop dancing as I think that dynamic duo might be back to working together again.

FROM BACK IN THE DAY: RuPaul and Larry Tee from the ever-to-brief EGG Magazine issue for April 1990

You can watch the original Starbooty movie starring RuPaul online and commercial-free if you'll click on over to The Funtone USA Television Network.

Anything But

Conrad Ventur is the publisher of Useless Magazine and Larry Tee is the Features Editor. Conrad is the handsome young protege of Larry Tee as well as his former boyfriend (they have amicably gone on from that). I won't tell you what's in Useless but darlings it is very far from that. With page after page of tantalizing profiles of personalities you'd be delighted to know as well as insights and art from the scenesters, Useless serves some tasty mind food yum yum.

I don't know how Larry Tee finds time. He so busy now returning New York's nightlife to the former glory of the Studio 54 days. That's what Michael Musto proclaims in a recent column and if that jaded MM is that excited about something . . . . Here's a sample of what he wrote

La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto February 27th, 2006 1:02 PM
Wherever LARRY TEE DJs, my bony legs follow. At Distortion Disko Thursdays at Duvet, I regularly submit to his assortment of hypnotic catchphrase songs to the point where I'm a "hollaback girl" with a "sweet child o' mine" who's "hung up" with "my humps" and I'm "sorry," but "I just like to call you my bitch." Well, two Saturdays ago there was a whole other chance for ritualized Tee dancing when the new club Element launched the weekly party called Bank - thrown by Larry, who DJs, and Distortion co-promoter JOSH WOOD - and my lovely lady lumps weren't sorry at all, bitch. The bash was a smash.

(Note to the Times: It's true, gay nightlife has, against all odds, reached a whole new dizzying peak. Call me for a quote.)
Larry Tee! You are our King of Nightlife. Thank you for taking care of all of us with your patented Southern style and sophication.

Click Here to Read Michael Musto's complete column from that week (if it's still there).

Useless Mag on the web: www.uselessmagazine.com

What Can't She Do?

DeAundra Peek is typical of the sixteen year old girl of today: full of energy and ambition and ready to try anything. DeAundra is loaded with extras too like her naturally blond hair and her natually-gifted singing ability.

How could anyone be surpised then to learn that DeAundra now has her own television channel where anyone in the world can watch her television program anytime they want. What's really modern is that it broadcasts from DeAundra's trailer park in Palmetto Georgia. The availability of low cost technology is truly changing the lives of everyone.

Click Here To Enjoy Deaundra Peek's Channel on The Funtone USA Television Network or enter www.deaundrapeek.com in any brower and suddenly you're there.

That's not all. DeAundra has 2 new DVDs that will be available soon. Meet Me At Odum's and DeAundra Does Madonna. Both are must-haves for any connoisseur of natural talent.

How will DeAundra make those recipes now that Keebler has discontinued its O'Boisies' product line?

News from La La Land

I not sure how it happened, but Jayne County has informed Robbie Coddington that she and Dixie and I have had a falling out. That's what Robbie told me in a phone call from Los Angeles where Jayne had travelled for an interview for Cherry Vanilla's documentary about herself that Robbie himself is working on.

I'm not certain who is zooming who as I have no memory of any kind of spat even though Jayne's memory is different. I hope I am right because we so adore the original queen of punk rock that we affectionately refer to as "Auntie Jayne".

Robbie sent me these details from Jayne's West Coast excursion in an e-mail
She gave me the most brilliant interview about Cherry and Bowie for Cherry's documentary. Jayne revealed that the first time she saw David Bowie it was like seeing Joan Baez on a bad day. The photo was taken at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. She was in town to put together the band for her girl group FOUR ON THE FLOOR.

My friend Terrence Smith (aka Joan Jett Blakk) is coming to stay for a bit at the end of the month. He's up in SF. Time for beddy...g'night Betty. Wish you were here.

xoxo Robbie
That's enticing, as would be seeing Joan Baez even on a bad day. In my opinion, Joan Baez is awesome in every situation.

She's not that shy. Jayne County with Robbie Coddington

Watch highlights from Robbie's latest project:
Nelson Sullivan's Fabulous Friends There is a wild performance by Jayne at The Pyramid Club on this DVD.

Getting My Groove On

As you might know, I have another website Gaytona.com which offers weekly commentary on the NASCAR races for gay NASCAR fans. This racing season got off to an especially exciting start for me when I got an invitation to have a "meet and greet" for gay NASCAR fans at a gorgeous gay bar in Daytona Beach.

The invitation was from Joanie, the club's DJ, and I accepted enthusiastically as The Groove along with its sister club The Love Bar have that sumptuous decor I know I crave for my gay bar experience. On one side is The Groove which is elegantly modern and through a lovely passage is The Love Bar which has a bordello feel that reminds me of Belle Starr's brothel in "Gone With The Wind". For the full accounting of my event at The Groove plus details of my Speedweeks stay in Dayona Beach CLICK HERE.

Robin Allen produced the entertaining drag show that evening. She had some of those "Girls Gone Wild" performing as you might expect at the world's most famous beach.

Joanie the DJ includes some of Larry Tee's Electroclash stars in her contagious mixes.

Capt. Neemo, the clubs' emcee, turns into a savage beast when he hits the stage. Once I watched him stop a knockdown fist fight between 2 lesbian hotties and march the asssailant out the door.

The Groove on the web: www.love2all.org/

Click Here for my Daytona Beach Guide
for Gay and Lesbian Visitors To Florida

ARGE's Polaroids of the club scene are still available for purchase, but he could change his mind at any minute and take them off the market. Titillate yourself with a free video preview of ARGE's Polaroid Collections featuring the music of Angela Bowie and the Fabulous Pop Tarts and massage your mind.

Click here for ARGE's Polaroid's on Video

Now, what about some diversions out of the ordinary:


The are all the Quicktime type.
    Betty Jack and Dixie perform "Losing My Mind" on Peg's Mouth of the South Live
    Betty Jack DeVine and Maxine Odum "Disco Inferno" Maxine was such a party animal before she ran off somewhere - but I bet she's still making sparks like she did in this disco duet
    It's Ecstacy My homage to The Maestro, Barry White
    Betty Jack's NASCAR and Bridge Party with Bootsy Ramsbottom as my partner and Michael Malone scoring, we'll show you how to have so much fun.
    Betty Jack's Signature Report Interview with Dorian Corey. Dorian is the star of Paris Is Burning and in this segment, she teaches me the dance they invented - the "Vogue"
    Betty Jack's Signature Report Interview with RuPaul. The world's most famous drag diva shares her world of glamor in one of her most fabulous interviews to date.
    Those old broads: Brittany, Betty Jack and Dixie at The Metro
    Click here to watch Brittany Fairchild and her pals doing The Shoop Shoop song.
    DIXIE RICHARDSON'S MODELLING VIDEO - Dixie 's career in modelling is "taking off". Get a load on this classic, produced and directed by ARGE.
      The Betty Jack Song - My signature song about the joys of going out .

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